Yoga for Hikers

Yoga for HikersGet ready to safely enjoy the great outdoors no matter what the season. This class will help you strengthen your legs, build your endurance, and develop the balance of a mountain goat. Through attention to alignment principles, this practice will help you protect your hips, shoulders, back and knees, preventing injuries and/or addressing current ones. You will learn how to engage your breath and the right muscles to enhance your mind-body movements. Plus, while in relaxation pose, you can mellow out and dream of those beautiful places you love to visit. Participants should have some yoga experience. The teacher provides alignment guidance and a range of options with increasing challenge, so all levels can play with their edge and progress. This course will benefit hikers, backpackers, walkers, joggers, cyclists, skiers and other active, outdoors enthusiasts.

Length of class: 60 to 75 minutes; could be done for any number of weeks