Yoga for You

Custom Tailored Yoga (Private and Corporate Instruction)

Work stress can lead to chronic physical pain and emotional distress.(Photo by Jenny Feick)
Work stress can lead to unhealthy posture habits, chronic physical pain, and emotional distress that private yoga classes or posture improvement coaching sessions can help address.
(Photo by Jenny Feick)

Private and Semi-private Yoga Sessions

Outside of regularly scheduled classes, I offer yoga instruction that caters to your schedule, individual yoga needs and interests in the comfort of my living room, your home, or in a yoga studio or other venue where we can rent space. Sometimes it can be challenging, even in Victoria, to find a yoga class that works for you and your busy schedule.   If you would like to practice a safe, pain-free, alignment-conscious, core breathing focused form of yoga, you might want to try a private YogAlign class. Currently, I am still the only yoga teacher in Victoria certified to teach the YogAlign Method, and one of the few certified in British Columbia. Please contact me to discuss potential dates, times and costs for private yoga classes. 

Costs vary depending on the venue and the amount of research, planning, and preparation required to meet your needs. Costs range from a minimum of $35/hour for a class already prepared and offered to one to four people in the Nature Wise Yoga Home Base, to a maximum of $100.00/hour, for custom-tailored private or semi-private sessions at this or other locations. If at a location other than the Nature Wise Yoga Home Base, the cost of renting other facilities will be added to the final price. The total hourly cost can be split among participants in semi-private sessions.

Basic posture improvement coaching sessions for individuals cost $50.00/hour. Posture improvement sessions for people with major spinal curvatures (e.g. scoliosis, major kyphosis) require significant preparation and thus cost $60.00 or more per hour. I can also recommend others in Victoria who specialize in addressing these conditions.

Please contact me to discuss potential dates, times and costs for posture improvement coaching sessions. 

Yoga can be a superb antidote to work stress
Yoga can be a superb antidote to work stress.
(Photo by Jenny Feick)

Yoga in the Workplace and for Corporate Retreats

Being immersed in the world of government bureaucracy for much of my career, much of it in middle management in organizations experiencing significant change, I gained many insights about the causes and effects of chronic physical and emotional stress on people in office and field environments. Yoga at the workplace is a superb antidote to that stress.  Yoga classes at the office and during corporate retreats can help individuals and teams of people release tension from the body, promote a positive frame of mind, and revitalize the spirit. This helps employees work more productively so that they achieve goals and realize their potential.

Please contact me to discuss potential dates, times and costs for this service. The average rate for corporate yoga is $100.00 per hour of presentation time and $60.00/hour of research, planning and preparation time.