Jenny ascending Mount Albert Edward, Vancouver Island, BC
Jenny ascending Mount Albert Edward, Vancouver Island, BC
(Photo by Ian Hatter).

Dr. Jenny Feick of Nature Wise Consulting, is a Biologist, with a Ph.D. in Geography and a Masters in Environmental Science coupled with 35 years experience in federal/provincial public service and private consulting. Particular strengths include:

  • Acquiring, learning and applying new knowledge and skills;
  • Mentoring, training, coaching and empowering employees and volunteers;
  • Communicating and engaging with stakeholders and First Nations;
  • Developing and maintaining partnerships;
  • Facilitating, public participation and networking;
  • Focusing on objectives and accomplishing results;
  • Planning/organizing projects and events and evaluating outcomes
  • Managing diverse teams in turbulent (challenging) times; and
  • Initiating/leading programs and new projects.

Based on the Gallup Strengthsfinder Assessment, Jenny’s top five strengths are:


one who loves to learn new things and who supports lifelong learning, research and science


one who seeks to take people and projects from great to excellent, a supporter of continuous improvement


one who is able to concentrate and focus to achieve tasks, goals, mission, and vision


one who enjoys coordinating, facilitating and orchestrating many tasks and take into account diverse variables to achieve a successful outcome


stands for “Win Others Over” and describes one who is able to easily persuade, inspire and motivate others to support an ideal, change behaviour or take action

Emotional Quotient Rating: Based on tests, Jenny has a very fit emotional intelligence rating, i.e. a high EQ. She is well balanced emotionally, appropriately sensitive to others in personal interactions, effective under stress, has good coping mechanisms, can work well with people or on her own, and is well positioned to lead. Her leadership style is collaborative.