Environmental Communications

Environmental CommunicationsJenny possesses excellent written and oral communications skills, based on her innate abilities and extensive training and experience. In addition to the areas mentioned below, Jenny employs a variety of communications techniques that can be used to manage and defuse conflict. Much of Jenny’s career involved communications, from front line positions communicating directly with the public as well as management positions for large communications programs for government agencies.

Report Writing and Editing

Have information but no time to craft a report? Jenny can help you organize, synthesize, and summarize your information so that you can draw conclusions and make useful recommendations. Meticulous with great attention to detail, Jenny’s technical editing skills are legendary. She can help you make your written materials even better, be they scientific papers, status reports, or press releases.    

“Hiring Jenny Feick to assist in editing my Major Research paper was a great decision, it helped me shape my work into an interesting and technically sound paper. She worked with me closely during the final stages of writing, and I learned a significant amount about how to improve my own work. I credit Jenny’s coaching with helping me turn a daunting review and revision task into a manageable exercise and put the necessary polish on the paper to earn an A+. She brought a fresh set of eyes and applied exacting standards and rigorous proof-reading skills within the guidelines for professional editors set out by Royal Roads University. She was extremely quick and was willing to set her schedule to my timeline requirements. I highly recommend her skills as a technical editor to anyone.”

-Nathan Dyck, B.Sc. Environmental Practice, Royal Roads University


Science Extension and Knowledge Transfer

Jenny has many years of experience using a variety of techniques to extend scientific and technical knowledge and skills so that environmental knowledge can be transferred from the academic realm to the field practitioner.

University and College Lectures

Jenny relates well to university and college students who enjoy her frank, open and motivational style of speech, the anecdotes and stories drawn from her real-world experience in the environmental field, and her organization of material into key messages with supporting evidence. Combined with her planning and organizational skills, Jenny makes an excellent instructor of course materials related to the natural and social sciences, such as biology, ecology, environmental studies, climate science, geography, history, etc. Likewise, she makes an excellent special guest lecturer at universities and colleges on topics such as climate change adaptation for nature, the importance of protected areas, the human dimensions of natural resource management, etc. She is certainly willing to experiment with new ideas and plot new teaching methods and topics.

Staff Training and Skills Development

Jenny’s skill in motivating others to continuously learn and develop their knowledge, skills and abilities has led to many of her former employees achieving and even exceeding their career goals. She can plan and organize training course materials effectively and convey the information in a positive understandable manner with attention to pacing and different learning modalities.

Outreach Strategies

Jenny can help you devise and deliver innovative outreach strategies to achieve specific goals. Her many years of experience in public speaking, park interpretation, public information, environmental education, communications management, and stewardship outreach, combined with her enthusiasm to stay current in this evolving field, enable her to provide you with excellent advice and guidance, as well as useful outreach materials.

Public Consultation

Jenny has extensive experience and training in public consultation methods from on-line survey techniques to organizing and facilitating public events. She abides by the BC Auditor General’s Principles and Best Practices of Public Participation.