Environmental Research

Environmental ResearchJenny is skilled at research, being a lifelong learner. Her research theme repertoire includes a variety of topics, ranging from basic field biological observations to identify terrestrial plants and animals in particular habitats, to social science research to inform decisions in natural resource management. She is also adept at synthesizing existing research materials into a meta analysis from which patterns can be discerned and key solutions devised.


Climate Change Adaptation for Nature

The current rapid rate of global climate change exerts effects on Nature, changing both the physical environment and life forms. The changes may be happening faster than many species can manage, given the current state of land use with man-made barriers and fragmentation of natural habitat. For those concerned with environmental sustainability, natural resource management, conservation, and protected areas management, strategies can be devised and implemented to safeguard Nature as the climate changes. There has been a virtual explosion of new applied research and other knowledge to inform the development of these strategies. Jenny can help you by synthesizing this research and facilitating the creation of the adaptation strategies you need to sustain Nature in your area as the climate changes.

Natural History and Ecological Science

Jenny is familiar with identifying, describing and understanding the ecological dynamics of a wide array of flora, fauna, specific wildlife habitats, ecological communities and ecosystems. Her greatest field expertise is in terrestrial ecosystems, especially mountain forests and alpine areas. She also has field experience in fresh-water aquatic and inter-tidal marine habitats.

Wildlife Conservation and Management

Jenny has significant experience in wildlife conservation and management from species at risk to common hunted species. She is in touch with many wildlife biologists and can obtain and synthesize information for you about a variety of topics from current population trends to wildlife health issues to inform status reports, recovery plans, management plans and policies that you need developed.

Protected Areas Management

Jenny has extensive practical experience in protected areas management at the national and provincial levels, as well as some first hand experience in regional and urban park settings. She communicates regularly with park staff and others with an interest in protected areas. She can obtain and synthesize relevant information to inform park policies, park management plans, and park communications materials for visitors.

Environmental Policy Analysis

Jenny’s academic background and much of her work experience dealt with how to effectively use scientific and technical information to help inform the evaluation, development and refinement of environmental and natural resource policies. She can research and summarize key points in existing policies, conduct stakeholder analysis, and integrate this with current available scientific knowledge, to assist you develop new or refine existing environmental and natural resource policies.

Social Science Research about Natural Resource Management

Jenny has extensive experience in employing and integrating social science research methods, both quantitative and qualitative, to inform resolution of issues in natural resource and environmental management. These include a variety of survey methodologies, focus groups, case studies, community based social marketing research, and formative evaluation techniques.