Who am I?

Jenny Feick
Jenny Feick at Logan Pass, Glacier National Park, Montana
(Photo by Ian Hatter)

I enjoyed being an avid student of yoga for decades before taking Eoin Finn’s yoga teacher training program, and becoming certified as a yoga teacher by the Yoga Alliance. From my early 20s until late 50s, my life involved the study and appreciation of nature and the environment, a variety of outdoor activities and travel adventures, meaningful relationships, and a rewarding career in nature conservation, environmental education, science, policy and management. Yoga helped me regain my balance whenever life’s curve balls threatened to topple my spirit. My yoga practice evolved and by 2012 the desire to share my love of both yoga and nature emerged as a life mission.

I have learned much from my experiences in life and through my yoga study and practice.  I look forward to continue learning and to share my knowledge, experiences and passion for yoga and nature in a way that helps make the world a healthier and more harmonious place.

For more details on my yoga journey, click here.

Jenny is listed in the Yoga U Online Yoga Therapists Directory. She is also listed as a YogAlign affiliate teacher certified to teach the YogAlign Method™ developed by Michaelle Edwards of the Mana Yoga Centre. Jenny is part of the Blissology Yoga Teachers Network, trained to teach mindful and innovative Vinyasa Flow Yoga and the principles of Blissology™ developed by Eoin Finn.