Life Mission

A Mountain Goat sharing his alpine meadow with Jenny, along the Mount Angeles Trail, Olympic National Park, Washington State
(Photo by Chris Junck).

Defining one’s Life Mission is a key part of Blissology, the approach to yoga to which I was exposed during my yoga teacher training with Eoin Finn. Knowing and focusing on one’s life’s purpose, is an empowering experience.

In essence, my life mission is: to connect with, care about and care for Nature, and to inspire others to do likewise.

I make the world a better place through active environmental citizenship, generosity and compassionate communications. I lead by example and by inspiring, connecting, consulting, facilitating and organizing. I love to learn and explore, to share knowledge and experiences, and to mentor others. Physical activity and connection with nature are essential to my well being.  I value integrity, honesty, friendship and loving kindness.