Yoga for Active People

Yoga for Active PeopleRunners, cyclists and other active people often have strong but tight muscles and are looking for ways to cross-train. Yoga can help increase flexibility, enhance balance, improve stability, prevent injuries, and heal previous damage. Through attention to alignment principles, this practice will help you protect your hips, shoulders, back and knees, preventing injuries and/or addressing current ones. You will learn how to engage your breath and the right muscles to enhance your mind-body movements. Students will be encouraged to link their knowledge of their activities and their needs for specific work into the themes, design and content for these classes.

This course can be adapted to focus on the needs of a particular activity or sport, including: Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Joggers, Yoga for Cyclists, Yoga for Soccer Players, etc.

Length of class: 60 to 75 minutes; could be done for any number of weeks