A selection of feedback received from students attending Jenny’s classes from 2012 to 2017

“Good Morning Jenny. I am delighted with my posture assessment; you put an incredible amount of work into the whole [Change Your Posture, Change Your Life] workshop and I am so appreciative, thank you.” Sue Robichaud, Nov. 2017

These two messages were sent via the Feedback form on Nature Wise Yoga in May 2014:

I liked your Vinyasa Flow class this past Tuesday night and wanted to do another one of your classes. I really want to do inversions but I’ve never been able to do them. This morning I learned some things from you that will help me do them.

Participant at Yogalign Class at Welwinds in Revelstoke

I enjoyed that class. I know my limitations and didn’t let my ego overtake my judgement about what I could or could not do. I appreciate adjustments because I don’t always know if I’m doing it right. I liked your verbal instructions and adjustments as they helped me learn how to adjust myself.

Participant at Yogalign Class at Welwinds in Revelstoke

Thanks for showing me the S.I. joint care series before class. I really feel the benefit of the sacral circles.

Participant at Flow Yoga at Balu Yoga, Revelstoke

I really liked doing the Warrior Dance tonight. After doing it on the first side, my one side felt anchored and the other side felt like it was floating. Then I just felt this incredible release after finishing the whole sequence on the other side. I loved combining the breath with movement.

Participant in Flow Yoga at Balu Yoga in Revelstoke

In the past, I would sometimes get migraines after doing a yoga class. Thanks for showing me how to keep my neck long and relaxed during certain poses. I didn’t realize I was bringing my chin forward and “kinking” the back of my neck. My head and neck feel relaxed and I feel refreshed.”

Participant in Flow Yoga at Balu Yoga in Revelstoke

I want to do Headstand but I end up putting too much pressure on my head so I don’t do it often or for long. Your recommendation to do Dolphin Plank for a minute twice a day to build up arm strength made me realize that part of it is I’m not using my arms enough to take the weight. Doing Dolphin Plank for a minute was hard, so I see how it would increase my arm strength. I also loved doing that Headstand prep pose with the block. I had no pressure on my head or neck and I felt like I was better understanding what my arms need to do in Headstand. Thanks!

Participant in Flow Yoga at Balu Yoga in Revelstoke

Your class was good and just what I needed after spending the day sitting at the computer and then doing snow clearing for four hours.

Participant in Beginners Yoga at Balu Yoga in Revelstoke

I received the supplemental material that you sent after the workshop. Thank you. The workshop was very useful, I have been doing my best to incorporate better posture into my everyday doings and have been finding it helpful.
I think if you wanted to make any changes to the class, even making the workshop an hour longer and talking more about posture in relation to walking and sitting and sleeping would be very helpful. I hope to take a yoga class with you soon. All the best!

Participant at "Change Your Posture; Change Your Life" Workshop

I really enjoyed your workshop and thought it was well organized and informative. The posture before and after comparison pictures you sent me tell the story, don’t you think? Your workshop created positive change in my body!

Participant at "Change Your Posture; Change Your Life" workshop

Thank you very much, Jenny! It was a great workshop, and I appreciate all your assessment notes.

Participant at Change Your Posture; Change Your Life" Workshop

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