Partner Yoga

Doing yoga with a partner provides a whole new way to experience yoga, as it incorporates trust, kindness, touch, connection and fun. There are at least four different ways to partner.

  1. One can work with one other individual or in small groups to help one another gain confidence in getting into challenging or restorative poses.
  2. People can do the same pose in an integrated manner.
  3. People can even do entirely different poses in an integrated manner, each one reaping the different benefits of the different poses as they each take their turn.
  4. One of the most amazing forms of partner yoga is acro-yoga, which adds the element of integrated balances. One person plays the role of “the base”, the other “the flyer”, with a third person there as “the spotter” to ensure safe practice. It is critical to properly align joints to ensure structural stability and strength. Like all yoga practices, it is important to warm up the body by moving in easier poses before attempting more challenging poses. It is also extremely important to show respect and compassion for one’s partner.