Class Rates

Prices vary depending on the venue and the method of payment, with more flexible options like drop-in classes being more expensive than purchasing a multi-class pass or registering for a whole session of classes. Also, the rates at yoga studios (which are usually quieter with more “yogambiance”) tend to exceed those charged at most recreation or community centres.

Classes at Burnside Gorge Community Centre Try it Out or Drop in fee (complete flexibility) $12.00
10 Class Active Now Pass or Yoga Class Pass $110.00 or $11.00/class
5 week session (5 classes) $50.00 or $10.00/class
For more information, please visit Burnside Gorge Community Centre website
Classes at Vic West Community Centre Drop in (complete flexibility) $10.00
6 week session (6 classes) $50.00
8 week session (8 classes) $67.00 or $8.38/class
10 week session (10 classes) $83.00
Please ask the Vic West Community Centre Manager about pro-rating the fee if you know in advance you will miss a specific class.
Classes at Thrive Yoga Studio For pricing details, please visit Thrive Yoga Studio website
Private and Semi-private Yoga Sessions* Costs range from a minimum of $35/hour to a maximum of $100.00/hour. Least expensive is for a class already prepared and offered to 1-6 people at the Nature Wise Yoga Home Base at 308 Uganda Avenue, Esquimalt, B.C. Costs are greater for custom tailored private or semi-private sessions to achieve specific goal(s), e.g. mastering a particular yoga pose such as Hanumanasana, focusing on improving one’s ability to do a certain type of pose such as inversions, front body stretches (aka backbends), arm balances, standing balances, lunges, etc., working on developing or correcting a particular posture habit, or therapeutic and restorative sessions to support a healing process or chronic condition. Private and semi-private sessions can be done at other locations, as long as any travel and venue costs incurred are also covered. For semi-private classes, the total hourly cost can be split among participants.
Yoga in the Workplace and for Corporate Retreats* The average rate for corporate yoga is $100.00 per hour of presentation time and $50.00/hour of research, planning, preparation and travel time, plus travel expenses and any venue rent fees if applicable.
* Please contact me to discuss potential dates, times and costs for these services.