Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose (Taddasana) is another foundational pose in yoga. All Sun Salutations begin with this, particularly the version known as Equal Standing (Samastitihi), with the hands in prayer position. It symbolizes grounded readiness. Many dismiss this position as easy; it is just standing there, after all. However, there is a lot going on if one is truly mastering the pose. Emulating a mountain, the upper part of the body reaches into the sky (rib cage away from the pelvis, crown of the head lifted), as the lower part grounds toward the Earth, the weight equally distributed on the four corners of the feet, with the feet hip width apart. The inner thighs spiral in and back with the tailbone pointed down so as to straighten the spine. We are relaxed and still and yet alert and ready for action, our body a line of energy connecting Earth and Sky. Mountain Pose is a wonderful way to enter the present moment and begin a  yoga practice, as well as to improve posture and balance. During and after practice, Mountain Pose helps to integrate the benefits of other asanas. Extending the arms overhead provides added benefits Рstretching the side body, the spine, shoulders, armpits and belly, toning the thighs, and opening the chest, making it easier to breathe fully.